Speaking and Training Topics

We offer a wide range of speaking and training sessions in addition to off-the-shelf mobile-ready e-learning course modules. Contact us to discuss how we can customize an impactful speaking and training solution for your organization.  

public speaking

speaking topics

Some of our most common speaking topics include:

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Managing Change Through Mental Toughness and Resiliency  

Accelerating Leadership Performance      

Best Practices for Personal and Professional Leadership

Bringing Your Best to Everyday Life – Be a Positive Contributor

Leaving Your Leadership Legacy – Pay It Forward

Power of a Positive Attitude

Managing Energy and Capacity

Leadership and Motivation


Training Topics

Some of our most common speaking topics include:

Team Building and Team Effectiveness

Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Peer Mentoring and Coaching

Building Leadership Fundamentals

Enhancing Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Fundamentals: Personal and Professional Leadership

Leader as Coach: Employee Development, Motivation & Engagement

Leadership: Managing the Impacts of Stress, Anxiety and Change

Leadership: Developing Greater Self-Awareness of Strengths,
Preferences & Gaps

Leadership: Understanding Individual Differences & How to Be a
More Effective Leader

Driving Business Results

Creating Success Through Personal Leadership and Overcoming Fear

Managing Energy and Capacity

Leadership Versatility

Leadership and Motivation

Employee Motivation and Engagement

Building Collaborative Relationships

Decision Making Fundamentals

Feedback and Difficult Conversations

Negotiation Skills

Innovation and Strategic Implementation


Employee Development E-learning Courses

Our mobile-ready e-learning library includes the following course modules:

People Management and Leadership Fundamentals
Managing Team Conflict
Team Performance Evaluation
Team Facilitation and Coaching
Managing a Team
Team building/Teamwork Fundamentals
Interviewing and Hiring Fundamentals
Employee Performance Evaluation/Appraisal
Meeting Planning
Presentation and Speaking Fundamentals
Negotiation Fundamentals
Change Management Fundamentals
Business Process Improvement
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Project Resource Management
Project Time and Schedule Management
Project Planning, Initiation and Scope
Project Management Fundamentals
Clear Communication Through Writing
Creative and Innovative Thinking Communication Techniques
Communication: Listening and Comprehension
Customer Communication Techniques
Customer Relationship Development
Understanding Customer Expectations
Customer Service Essentials
Managing Customer Service Challenges
Planning and Prioritization
Managing Your Work Day
Goal Setting Fundamentals
Time Management Techniques
Managing Workplace Relationships
Managing Work/Life Balance
Flexibility and Managing Change
Developing Your Career
Becoming a Lifelong Learner
Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Self-directed Workplace Learning Fundamentals
Workplace Personality Management
Workplace Conflict Management