As an employer, it is critical to make the right talent management decisions, from the selection and hiring of new employees, to helping them reach their potential, and determining succession plans. The Success Group can help by providing the comprehensive, objective information you need to make well-informed decisions and by supporting you throughout your recruitment, development, and succession projects. 

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Recruitment and Onboarding

Complete recruitment support that includes profiling jobs, sourcing applicants, and screening and evaluating finalist candidates. We also include onboarding and coaching for your new employee through their first year of employment, with an end-of-year 360° feedback survey to determine their progress and performance.

Our recruitment program is a unique approach to talent acquisition, combining targeted sourcing with competency-based screening, assessment, onboarding and developmental support.  This results in the identification of highly competent and motivated employees, who are a better fit for your team and have the potential for high levels of performance and responsibility.

Testing and Assessment

Individual assessment programs help determine the performance, potential, and fit of job candidates and current employees, offering the insight necessary for conducting effective recruitment, development, or succession management projects.

Every employer uses some type of assessment (e.g., resume reviews, manager appraisals). However, we also offer a range of modern evaluation methods and programs to help overcome the limitations of these traditional approaches, including:

  • Work Simulations and Assessment Centres
  • Leadership and Management Skills Surveys 
  • Conflict Style Inventories
  • Technical Knowledge Tests
  • 360° Feedback Surveys
  • Structured Background Forms
  • Cognitive Ability Tests
  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Structured Behaviour-based Interviews
  • Cultural Fit and Motivation Questionnaires 

Assessment programs include options to meet various needs and budgets, from online work-related tests and questionnaires to in-office structured interviews and work sample exercises (e.g., mock business planning exercises, meetings with difficult customers, board presentations, etc.). Results are interpreted and compiled into comprehensive reports by our consulting team, allowing you to easily compare individuals on competencies important to success.

Career and Succession Management

Customized programs to support your organization's talent management plans and strategies. These include programs to help employees realize their career ambitions or establish readiness for promotion. We can also provide capability and succession planning reports, to determine bench strength and potential gaps on a larger scale - from teams to entire organizations.

Our Leadership and Executive Coaching solutions provide intensive, practical, and high impact one-on-one coaching with leaders at all levels, with particular expertise at the senior executive level.  To meet your organization's specific needs, our coaching programs are offered as part of an integrated leadership development program, or as a separate service. This confidential service focuses on enabling each leader to succeed through understanding the leader as an individual, helping them create better awareness and implement more effective leadership behaviours in order to add greater value to the organization.